Our Process

Raw Materials

We have a process with six steps that help us maintain the quality and safety of the raw materials we use. We take quality seriously and always aim to provide our customers with the best possible products. Our inspection is very detailed and makes sure that we use only the best materials.

Visual Observation

Visually identify the appearance properties of raw materials

Drinking Tasting

Taste the raw materials after soaking them in hot water

Smell Aroma

Inhale the aroma of the raw materials with nose

Analysis Inspection

Preliminary analysis and inspection confirmation of raw materials

Chewing Texture

Chew the raw materials to feel their texture and taste

Selected Identified

Raw materials are manually selected and identified


Raw materials are crushed based on physical properties (appearance, shape, hardness).


Filter the crushed raw materials through a sieve until the particles achieve a uniform size of 0.2×0.2 cm or within the range of 10 to 80 mesh.


Roasting reduces moisture and water activity (Aw < 0.4), and enhances flavor, while also sterilizing and eliminating insect eggs.


The packaging employs pure aluminum foil bags, either filled with nitrogen or vacuum-sealed, allowing the product to remain viable for up to three years.

Inspection Center

Our inspection center is pleased to offer independent inspections tailored to your specific needs.
As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive services, we also offer preliminary relevant inspections to ensure that all aspects of your customized product and its used raw materials are covered.
With a team of highly skilled professionals, we guarantee reliable and accurate results that you can trust.

Inspection Item

☆ Microbiological Inspection
☆ Aflatoxin Inspection
☆ Water Activity Analysis
☆ Moisture Inspection
☆ Sensory Evaluation
☆ Functional Assessment

R & D Center

Our R&D Center has personalized solutions to meet your brand needs with seasoned food doctors and nutritionists.
We provide comprehensive services for every aspect of product development, from raw material selection, dosage forms to designing effective label solutions.
Contact us for complete product development assistance or help with specific design aspects.

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